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  • Combo Set DVD Binder
  • DVD binder of 'NOT YOUR ORDINARY PRAISE AND WORSHIP' combo set. The Dennis Agajanian Collection includes a full hour-long CD of 15 songs, PLUS an extra bonus track of "He Gave Up Everything" sung by special guest artist Billy Batstone.  In addition, the collection includes: Song Lyrics, Praise and Worship bible Study, Story of the Armenian Exodus, and more!
  • Booklet Cover
  • Around the world every day millions upon millions of people offer up praise and worship to the god of their choice. It is offered in any manner that they think is best, to whoever or whatever they believe God to be. This book is not about whoever or whatever. It is written specifically about the God of the Bible, the one who created all that exists.
  • Page Excerpt from Booklet
  • There's a story behind every song that is written. And those stories are presented for each of the 16 songs. The focus is on God or His Son, Jesus and exalts Him with praise from a grateful heart.